About Fleur & Blume

Hi, It's lovely to meet you.

At Fleur & Blume we pride ourselves on providing you with beautiful blumes that are a little different to what you would normally find on the high street. Our creativity and expertise really drives our ability to innovate and delight. From hand-tied bouquets, roses to hat boxes, weddings and events to our newest products, We work so hard to go beyond your wildest floral imaginations.

Whatever your need be, every design created is made with love and with the planet in mind. Fleur & Blume works really hard to make sure our products and processes are as sustainable as they can be. It’s what makes our flowers even more of a joy.

Once you are done with your flowers, you can try your hand at drying them, or just pop them in the compost bin. Our packing can be recycled and reused. We have swapped cellophane for recyclable paper wraps and we always use biodegradable products where possible. If it cant be recycled, it can be reused.

Hi, My name is Ashley

I am the Owner and Lead Florist at Fleur & Blume, Here are some things about me.

Aquarius, Bench Trained Florist of 5 years, My favourite flower is Ranunculus and outside of being a florist I am mum to my little girl, I love reading and watching True Crime Documentaries.

Hi, My name is Chloe

I am the Assistant Manager at Fleur & Blume, Here are some things about me.

Sagittarius, Bench Trained Florist of 1 year, My favourite flower is Lilac, I have a degree in Contemporary Art Practice and outside of work I enjoy photography, going to gigs and collecting Zines.

Hi, My name is Lisa

I am a Florist at Fleur & Blume, Here are some things about me.

Cancer, College trained florist with Distinction, Trained in Glasgow and my home in the Outer Hebrides, my favourite flower is Waxflower and outside of work I like Reading, Writing and Roller-skating.

Hi, My name is Laura

I am a Florist at Fleur & Blume, Here are some things about me.

Taurus, Bench Trained Experienced Florist of 15 years, my favourite flower is Sweet pea’s and outside of work I love cooking, board games and going to the pub with my friends and family.