Follow our steps to care for your beautiful fresh flowers.

Bouquet of Flowers

Wash Your Vase

It’s not every day you receive beautiful fresh flowers, so it’s likely your vase may have been sat patiently at the back of the cupboard collecting dust. Wash it with lukewarm water and a little soap. Make sure to rinse all of the suds out completely.


Fill your vase with tap water and add your provided sachet of flower food. If you dont have any flower food you can make your own. 

Just add:

1 teaspoon of household sugar
1 teaspoon of clear unscented household bleach
2 teaspoons of lemon/lime juice

Mix this with a quarter cup of warm water and stir the mixture until fully dissolved.
If you can’t do this, replace your vase water every 24 hours.

Florist pours water into a vase in flowe
cropped image of florist cutting stalk o


Cut your stems at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors. Blunt blades can crush your stems which can stop the water flowing into your stems. 
Cutting at an angle creates a larger opening at the base of the stem for more water uptake and stops them sitting flat in the vase.
Remove any foliage that will fall below the waterline of your vase. If any foliage is left below the waterline, it will firstly introduce bacteria back into your clean water and will also decompose quickly being submerged.


Keep your flowers in a cool location away from sources of heat such as household appliances or radiators, direct sunlight such as windowsills and drafts from windows or doors. Keep your flowers away from any fruit or vegetables.

Try not to neglect your flowers for more than 2-3 days. Be sure to take them out the vase to change trim them. Use the stems as a handle to hold your flowers rather than the heads, human hands are warm and will make them dry. Check the quality of your vase water, if it is slightly cloudy, change it for fresh water and repeat step 2.

Enjoy your beautiful Blooms. 

Vase with beautiful peony flowers on tab